Shaymin Cosplays | Pokemon

Shaymin Cosplays | Ground and Air Form Hello everybody,  it's Julia. Just before  I start the post, I'd like to say that there has been some name changing, announcements of moving to Tumblr, and youtube channel things.
To clear this up, I'd like to say a few things. I am not moving to Tumblr anymore, I decided to not change the name to J.J. Cosplay, and I may open a separate youtube channel or keep the cosplay videos on my own channel. Either way, I will let you know what's going on.

Shaymin Cosplays So, JC and I are going to a convention in June, as you all know. We decided to do a cosplay together! You may have heard of the Pokemon, Shaymin. Well, Shaymin has a ground form and air form, so we decided to make a costume for both!
I am doing the ground form, it resembles a hedgehog, and I'm making a dress out of it!
I'm also making a costume for JC, it will be the Sky form and it will be more boyish, so not a dress.

I'll be sure to keep you guys updated!


JC's introduction

JC's Introduction
Hey guys! The blogger's being a bit funky today, so sorry if this looks a bit odd.
I recently asked JC if she would like to write a quick paragraph as an introduction.
So, here it is! Take it away, JC!
"Hello, I am gaycie the big boi. My cosplays are varying so far, but I'm going as my fursona, Richie Tozier, and Pidge so far. I don't cosplay often but when I go to conventions it's a fun experience. Feed me orphans,
JC isn't a blogger, but she is an artist, and you can usually find her on her DeviantArt, youtube channel, and Discord chatroom server.

Find her here! DeviantArt YouTube Channel Discord Chatroom Server

Thanks for reading! Go check out JC and give her a few likes, at least! Keep cosplaying, Julia.

Ouran High School Embroidered Badge + Instagram?

Ouran High School Host Club Embroidered Badge + Instagram?Hey guys! Today I simply wanted to show you a picture of the badge I am working on and explain how I am making it. Also, talk a bit about my return to Instagram!

I am making my badge from a felt base, then embroidered on top of it to get the design correct.
I used markers on the felt to get the basic shapes, tested it, then embroidered it.
I still have to finish the black, fill in the white, and add some yellow.
I think that embroidering it will make it look more professional and make it look like I put my time into it (because I did!)

Also, I have returned to Instagram after my long hiatus! Yes, I wasn't really planning on coming back, but I have more things I can do now. Please go check it out

My First Cosplay Panel! | Convention News

Ouran High School Host Club | Cosplay Panel I will be acting as Kyoya Ootori at a Sodak Con panel. Hello everybody!  This summer, I will be going to my first Full-Three-Day Anime Convention! But, I will also be performing at my first cosplay (or any) panel! The panel is a QnA/Dares panel starring the cast of a great anime, Ouran High School Host Club! I will be acting as Kyoya Ootori.

"Kyoya Ootori, a 2nd-year student at Ouran Academy, is the cost-conscious and calculating Vice-President of the Host Club which he co-founds with his best friend, Tamaki Suoh." - Wikia
So far, I have the following finished. The main jacket, tie, glasses, and shirt. When I get the pants for this Character, I will use them for the Keith cosplay as well.  The wig, as well, will be used for both cosplays. Doing this can be quite cost-saving and easy. (Definitely recommended for starters)

Keith Kogane Cosplay I will also be cosplaying as Keith Kogane from Voltron: Legendary Defender. Jordan, who is c…

Wig Essentials and Guide | Advice Video

Wig Essentials and Guide In this video, you will see me demonstrate many essential steps for caring for your wig. Also, you can see me show you where I get my wigs at great prices! Any questions? comment on the video or here!

How to Decide on a Cosplay | Advice

How to Decide on a Cosplay | Advice Hello everybody, today I will be talking about how to decide on a cosplay. Deciding these things can be very hard, the wrong choice can be regretful. Look at your resources.

Take a look at your fabric, wigs, and other supplies. What can you make NOW? Or what do you have ready?  Yes, you can buy more supplies. But, if the convention is near. Or, if you're like me and spent all your money on the tickets. They can be expensive and hard to get. 
Take a look at the panels. Maybe you'd like to be part of a cosplay panel and you can make a costume for it. Or, there's a panel with voice actors from your favorite series you'd like to cosplay at.

Think about your deadline and current interests.  You may like your Voltron cosplay, but be really into Undertale at the time and go as Undyne. Go in a cosplay that you will be excited about and happy to act as
Consider all your options in this order before committing to anything.
Ask your friends. A…

Kogata Daycon | Review

Kogata Daycon | Review
 Hey guys, today I am doing a very late review of a new con I went to! If you guys don't know,
Kogata Daycon is a one-day convention. It includes anime, gaming (Tabletop and Video), and furries!

This con isn't really new, but it's not as popular as it should be. I was very impressed with the quality of the management and professionalism. The whole con was overall enjoyable and fun! I even met the creator of Paper Jam. A part of an Undertale AU I'm not very familiar with, but she was very nice! I only went to one panel, the cosplay makeup panel, but I wish I would've gone to the fandom battle panel. (It was Harry Potter vs. Captian America. I hear it was hilarious!!) The makeup panel was super informational and helpful! I received help from the panel host, but I even received information from the attendees of the panel.

The Cosplay Makeup Panel was held by Cure Elie or Cure Aphrodite Cosplay!
My favorite part was the cosplay contest…